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One-on-one conversations

Since personal data is collected in these conversations, you should talk to someone in the berlin-wide or your local group before you use these conversation manuals. If you don’t know who you can talk to, feel free to look in the TVStud Telegram channels.

Joining a union

For the purposes of collective wage agreements, student assistants are represented by GEW and ver.di. In principle, you can join either one. In case you already have an idea of what job you might have later, you can use that to make a decision – GEW if you plan to be in education or science, or ver.di if you plan to work in the service sector. You can find more information on the DGB (German Trade Union Confederation) website.

Another union you can join is FAU, an anarcho-syndicalist union. However, only joining FAU might not be a good idea, since student workers are currently not legally represented and can not be called to strike by FAU. So you should definitely also join GEW or ver.di.

Don’t forget to sign up your colleagues as well!